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Park Wars Podcast – Episode 21: Live From Disneyland


This week on the Park Wars Podcast, I had the opportunity to visit the Disneyland resort, which means I can record a show straight from the parks (something I have not yet been able to do!) I begin the show atop the Mickey and Friends parking structure overlooking the Star Wars Land construction site to witness the…

Park Wars Podcast – Episode 11: Spring Break Live From the Beach – Listener Feedback Show


This week on the Park Wars Podcast, we’re doing something a bit different! It’s spring break and we’re celebrating with a trip to the Oregon Coast. But don’t worry, we brought our microphones with us and we’re kicking back on the beach and answering your questions about all things Star Wars and the Disney theme…

Park Wars Podcast – Episode 10: Seasons of the Force with Skywalking Through Neverland


This week on the Park Wars Podcast, we’re pleased to welcome our special guests from the Skywalking Through Neverland Podcast: Richard and Sarah Woloski! Together we walk through all the attractions and adventures currently found in Disneyland’s Season of The Force. We’ll explore and rate all the latest changes, new features and overlays on old attractions…