With all the big news over the last few weeks, its time to take a little breather… and have some random fun! Sure, there is the typical Star Wars land construction updates and the new theme park ticket pricing model, but then it’s all about the Disney parks food! First, Starwars.com released a recipe for Ray’s Insta-Muffins, as featured in The Force Awakens. We cook some, live on the air, to figure out if this treat has potential as Star Wars Land food, and experiment with alternate flavors! Then, we play “Fact or Fiction” to determine what is and what is not food currently being served in the Disney Parks as part of Season of the Force. It’s a full, fun show, so listen now!



Cocoa, Orange, Chili Powder, Nestle Quick, and Instant Breakfast flavored “Ray’s Insta-Muffins”, as created on the show!


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