This week on the Park Wars Podcast, we explore all the latest Star Wars Land news including a new hotel announced for the Disneyland Resort, and droids being built for guest interaction at Star Wars Land. Then we’ll listen to the audio from the new Shanghai Disneyland Star Wars fireworks show, and analyze the latest construction pictures. Finally, in an EPIC Park Spark segment, we interview Star Wars artist Kevin Lynch, whose “Lucas World” artwork went viral last year. He’s back with his latest version of the park incorporating The Force Awakens, and has agreed to give us the exclusive! So take a look at Kevin’s latest version here: (Click the image to view it in all its glory and download a copy!)


Makes sure to send Kevin your feedback and praise on his amazing work! He can be reached at kevin@sidekickcreative.co.nz or on Twitter: @SidekickCreativ

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