This week on the Park Wars Podcast – It’s been an epic Star Wars week and we’re covering each of the big stories: Star Wars Rebels concludes its amazing Season 2 run with a finale that provides deep impact to all of our characters (According to Steve, not so much according to Tanner.. We are at odds!) The Force Awakens debuted on BluRay and DVD this week and we’ll discuss what we did, and did not see on the new home release. Finally, just as we finished our first home viewing of the Force Awakens, the surprise Rogue One teaser trailer hit the internet, giving us out first taste of this new film (and it’s delicious!). We’ll analyze this new trailer piece by piece as we get reacquainted with the Episode 4 visual style that the trailer just NAILED! We can’t wait! As always, we continue to explore all the progress of the Star Wars Land construction project, with big changes made this week. There’s lots to discuss! Come join us!


Star Wars Land Construction Site: February, 2016. Image owned and Copyright by MiceChat.com.

Star Wars Land Construction Site:April, 2016

Star Wars Land Construction Site:April, 2016. Image owned and Copyright by MiceChat.com.


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