Park Wars Podcast – Episode 13: Training To Be A Star Wars Land Cast Member


This week on the Park Wars Podcast – Its a big week of news for Star Wars in the Disney theme parks! From attraction closures on both coasts to make way for Star Wars land, new Star Wars shows and experiences in Hollywood studios, to disturbing (if true) Star Wars land details, to the resignation of…

Park Wars Podcast – Episode 12: The Making of Star Tours 2 – The Adventures Continue


This week on the Park Wars Podcast – We’re back in the studio with all the latest Star Wars Land news and updates. We discuss some recent rumors in regards to alcohol served in the parks, laser projected ships, protecting Star Wars Land from visual park intrusion, and more! Then we brainstorm some fun (or…

Park Wars Podcast – Episode 11: Spring Break Live From the Beach – Listener Feedback Show


This week on the Park Wars Podcast, we’re doing something a bit different! It’s spring break and we’re celebrating with a trip to the Oregon Coast. But don’t worry, we brought our microphones with us and we’re kicking back on the beach and answering your questions about all things Star Wars and the Disney theme…

Park Wars Podcast – Episode 10: Seasons of the Force with Skywalking Through Neverland


This week on the Park Wars Podcast, we’re pleased to welcome our special guests from the Skywalking Through Neverland Podcast: Richard and Sarah Woloski! Together we walk through all the attractions and adventures currently found in Disneyland’s Season of The Force. We’ll explore and rate all the latest changes, new features and overlays on old attractions…

Park Wars Podcast – Episode 9: Disney Infinity Next With Allison Petrek


This week on the Park Wars Podcast, we’re pleased to welcome Disney Infinity’s Lead Community Manager Extraiordinaire and Co-Host of Toy Box TV, Allison Petrek to the show to discuss last week’s Disney Infinity Next announcements and her experiences with the growing Disney Infinity community. Plus, she shares her favorite Star Wars and theme park…

Park Wars Podcast – Episode 8: Fact or Fiction in Star Wars Parks Food


With all the big news over the last few weeks, its time to take a little breather… and have some random fun! Sure, there is the typical Star Wars land construction updates and the new theme park ticket pricing model, but then it’s all about the Disney parks food! First, released a recipe for…

Park Wars Podcast – Episode 7: Star Wars Land Analysis and The Great Rebels Debate


After weeks of hype, we just got the big Star Wars land reveal during the Disneyland 60th broadcast! In this week’s show we take a look at what was revealed, review the “trailer” scene by scene to share our thoughts and analysis. Plus – New Star Wars entertainment announced for Disney’s Hollywood Studios in Orlando….

Park Wars Podcast – Episode 6: Star Wars & Theme Park Content in Disney Infinity


Looking for the perfect way to keep the spirit and magic of the theme park experience alive in between trips to the parks? Then play Disney Infinity! It’s the perfect blend of Star Wars, theme park and Disney adventure! After a brief trip through this week’s news (Episode 8 is underway!!) we’ll welcome special guest,…

Park Wars Podcast – Episode 5: Symphony In The Stars Review


Now that you’ve recovered from all that SuperBowl food, it’s time to return to exploring Star Wars adventures in the Disney Parks! This week we discuss all the news of what is happening behind the scenes in Disneyland, as the chess pieces continue to move prior to Star Wars Land construction beginning in earnest. Then, we’ll…

Park Wars Podcast – Episode 4: The History of Star Tours and Star Wars Land Food


Welcome to the Park Wars Podcast for the week of February 2, 2016! It’s been a fairly quiet week of news. Disney did announce Harrison Ford will introduce the new Star Wars Land on an ABD preview special – Feb 21st at 8pm. Details here! So instead of discussing news we are going into “History Mode”…